How to become a Noob Club member

The Noob Club publishes free movies that help you to understand the game better and to improve your game experience. Members of the Noob Club will have access to exclusive videos, to special Noob Club mods, to the activity stream, and may request videos of a certain tank, map, or other topic.

Sounds good, what do I have to do?

Goto to and connect with your facebook account (quickest way). Set up your payment options and select one of the memberships we offer you:

junior Noob Club Member senior Noob Club Member master Noob Club Member professional Noob Club Member

I thought the videos were free

Yes, there are a lot of free videos. But some videos are for members only which you can access for a tiny monthly fee. Plus, you get some bonuses. Simply check it for yourself — but hurry, some memberships are limited!