Upcoming Noob Club Live Show…

Something is changing.

The Map Race is one of the main features

If you have watched Episode 18 — episodes/maprace-alpha you learned that we've been working on the Noob Club Live Show on twitch.tv which will go live later this year. There are still some issues that need to be fixed.

It is important to us to involve our viewers in the live stream. You will have several possibilities to interact with the action on screen.

The live stream chat

  • Earn Nooblets, the chat currency
  • Initiate sounds to comment the live action
  • Play Lotty, the Noob Club lottery — and win
  • Play an attack game with other chatters
  • Let us know what you like in polls
  • Win free give-aways (sometimes )

Participate in the game

  • Enter a queue for a chance to play with us
  • Of course, we play Map Races together
  • Roll out in a special Nooblatoon