July 2nd, 2014

Why the Referee Quit

The whole world plays football — so does World of Tanks. Nicholas takes a look at the Himmelsdorf arena, and the World Cup in Brazil. Star guest Urs Meier helps him understanding referees. And finally they solve the question: What happened to the W.o.T. referee?

In this episode:

  • Himmelsdorf Arena From a Different View
  • Himmelsball, Trackball and Maus
  • What Would the World Cup Be Without Brands
  • Magnificent Goals From the Himmelsdorf Amphitheater
  • Star Guest Urs Meier, Retired Referee From Switzerland
  • The Sad Truth: Why the Referee Quit
  • How To Recognize When a Referee Is Born
  • Final Tank Show On the Pitch